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A healthy & adventurous Game

A love-tech solution about

connection, caring and love.

IMBUE is a collaborative journey of SENSUALITY, INTIMACY AND SEXUALITY IN VR, created to bring passion and realistic interaction to virtual reality traveling from erotic games to sexology education and sex wellness. Designed for COUPLES and offering a fresh approach to spirituality and mindfulness opening a new a door to all kinds of possibilities…
How does it work?

An embodied VR experience for couples.

Differently to most Virtual Reality adult content, IMBUE VR GAME proposes a unique Physical Embodied Interaction, which means it can create amazing body ownership illusions  by empowering the couple to participate in a profound multisensory connection and artistic performance for each other synchronously with the VR content. It has 3 components:

  • The fantasy stage director; ready for guiding the experience
  • The adventurous user; ready for exploring a fantasy
  • The app / VR headset; to monitor instructions and activate the game.
Sexual Health

We believe in fun, educational sexology.

IMBUE´s imaginative fantasies are designed to help you develop your relationship and your sexuality step by step, breaking myths to help you discover what you really want and need.

Different genders will equally enjoy; is designed for couples having in mind the CARING for the emotions, interests, and needs of THE OTHER.

Ready to change your GAME?

Ignite the fire of desire within your couple

Increase your imagination by roleplaying

Reinvent your sexlife through emotions and care.


Seasonal Pack (Coming soon)

9 VR fantasies +  Sexology + learning experiences. (each 3 months)

With IMBUE The fantasies become real; you can feel, you can see, you can taste,

you can smell, you can touch, but be careful; you could also expand your creativity and imagination.

    • Summer Pack -Autumn Pack – Spring Pack – Winter pack
    • Multisensorial Gift Box 
    • 2 new fantasies every month + premium expert/level fantasies


    -Wifi connection.

    -VR headset

    -PC/Tablet/Smartphone. (Android 9 +)