The VR fantasy for couples

A healthy game

A solution about

caring and love.

IMBUE is a custom VR player that works along with an specific content distribution system, created to bring passion and realistic interaction to virtual reality in adult erotic games. Aimed for couples and offering a fresh alternative to the classic gender stereotyped adult industry.

Become a couple of sexplorers

IMBUE VR is about love, experiencing and re-imaging the possibilities of empathy in sex, playing with sexual fantasy explorations and creating healthy sexuality in the real world. It´s about having thoroughly enjoyable sexual relationships.

Gain more SexEsteem

Discover the educational side of IMBUE VR, produced by psychologists and sexologists! Learn the best techniques to satisfy your partner and solve all your sexual difficulties on your own!

Play with your fantasy

IMBUE VR “Fantasies” are produced with passion as imaginative narratives, they use game and curiosity to create transformative experiences. Explore new fanciful worlds and real places, bring crazy intriguing new partners into your foreplay, play at the deepest level. 

Discover a new meaning of interaction

Yes, You can touch, grab, & feel ! IMBUE VR give couples the opportunity to be the creators of the context and the heat of a fully sensorial collaborative immersive experience. A tool that promotes the “caring” about bringing pleasure to your partner and yourself.

Neuropsychology Background

The IMBUE VR sytem was created based on embodiment studies researched in neuroscience that revealed that you can cheat the brain and give the users the illusion of owning a different body by a series of techniques and stimuli including synchronized visuotactile stimuli.

Sexual Health

We believe in fun, educational sexology.

Different from the general adult film industry, IMBUE has and approach on empathy, different genders will equally enjoy adult VR content and find it pleasurable as it is designed for couples who CARE about the emotions, interests, and needs of THE OTHER.

Handmade Quality

An embodied VR experience for couples.

On the contrary to most Virtual Reality adult content, IMBUE proposes a physical embodied interaction, which means it can create amazing body ownership illusions by touching each other. Really feel for the first time in VR adult content industry. Finally the stimulus you’ve been craving is here.

Enter into a world of fun

Set up your deepest desire!

1. Let the magic rise!

IMBUE is meant to be used by “two people” Invite your partner, prepare the space, the gear and the props. Be creative!

2. Prepare for the journey!

Pair your app with your VR headset, choose your fantasy and your role (user / guide) or (user / user)

3. Break the rules! Explore!

Experiment with the tasks and the challenges proposed in your FANTASY, enjoy this magical synergistic experience!

The Creators


We want to be fun, but we want to be serious regarding sex education. Imbue explorers will be guaranteed to have content that has been supervised by professionals sexologists.


We take care up to the last detail when designing the experiences for you and your partner. Imbue VR is about empathy and about caring for the other. Prepare to feel free of stress; relax and enjoy.

VR storytellers

Technology, art and VR storytelling! On top of that add some theater, some exotic fruits, a small amount of crazy sexy toys and you have the perfect combination for a wild ride with your partner.

Sex & love philosophers

We love a community able to suggest positive changes and break paradigms. We want to create a reflection on how the adult industry is constructed. We are here to give an alternative.

Seasonal Pack 89,9€

6 VR fantasies +  3 learn with expert  + A gift/props pack to receive at home

IMBUE’s revolutionary approach on a “real feel” and a new level of immersion have no comparative with the general adult film VR apps or content. The fantasies become real; you can feel, you can see, you can taste, you can smell, you can touch, but be careful; you can get really hot.

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2 seasons pack. Choose your combination!

Summer Pack -Autumn Pack – Spring Pack – Winter pack

Available Soon from €161,8 (10% discount)

  • Special gift box
  • 2 new fantasies every month

4 Seasons explorers.

Available Soon from €305,6 (15% discount!)

  • Multisensorial Gift Box + 1 Sex toy.
  • 2 new fantasies every month + premium expert/level fantasies